art by Per Nordin

This site is to be concidered a preview. After a long time of stand-still, I plan to start updating this site again. Due to a great work-load, it may take time though. At the moment, no contents have been changed except that I have uppdated my email-links and added a link to a photo tour of Uppsala. I have also altered this page to reflect the uppdates I plan in the near future by adding page references (non-active links).
Be well aware that this site still only contains a few samples of my older picture art, and still none of my music.

- Bryce
- Bryce 2
- Bryce 4
PhotoShop Art (not photos)
- Red Dew Variations
- Fern and Roots
- More to come
PhotoShop Art (seeded from photos)
- Visions of Torii
- Mirrored Nature
- More to come
Photo Art
- body art
- Portraits and Variations of L.
- Marcus
- Carolina
- Malin
- Terese
- Karin O
- Kyung-Hye
- More to come
CD Art (releases, rejects and scetches)
- The Flower Kings
- Transatlantic
- Kaipa
- Thomas Bodin
- Mats Öberg
- Mikael Ramel
- Komaday
- Various other CD art
Other Stuff
- Presentation
- Uppsala (Off-site tour. Photos by me. I plan to place an extended version of this tour here, with text in English, but for the moment just enjoy the photos.)

Also a protest and comment about MetaCreations! and naturally, a few nice links for when you done here..
For more, I refere you to page at Renderosity.

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