Red Dew Variations

OK, first of all, I know the name is silly, but when I am (as here) improvising a pic and need at an early stage to save it, not knowing what the end result will be, I need to find a name... so it sort of looked like red dew drops. I guess a better name would be "Ruby Variations" or something like that, but I'll stick to the file name.
These pics don't look much in the thumb-nail, but I urg you to take a look at them anyhow... they make more sence in larger format and I think you will like them.
Anyhow, these pics are 100% PhotoShop/ch-ops and KPT 3 and 5. the one above is the "fundamental finished version" and below we have two variations and then a series of KPT3 Kaleidoscope variations.

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