MetaCreations is well known for making KPT (Kai's Power Tools), Bryce, Painter, Poser, etc. They are a fantastic company with incredibly inventive and highly skilled programmers. I have used Bryce since version 1 and KPT since verion 2. Id say that 80% of what I do as an artist involves MetaCreations' tools. As I said: they are great innovators.
  But one of them came up with a side-track... MetaStream, a way to twirl small 3d pics on the web. Well, it may be better than other alternatives as to quality (I wouldn't know, I think twirling things on the net are a waste of time and bandwidth), but MetaStream is only one of many alternativs, you need a special plug-in to see it and anything that demands me to get a special plugin isn't worth my time. I have QuickTime preinstalled and it handles everything I need.

    Anyhow... what does this incredible company do? They have made small apps like this before, that just are spin-offs from creative guys coding away. But for some reason the top-boss goes, "WOW... you mean we have an app that can show twriling 3d pics on the web? Really? OK: Let's sack everyone who has buildt this company to what it is, let's fart in the face of all our customers and just burn everything this company is known for and do something completely different: Let's go MetaStream!! WOW! Im so happy!!"
  Well, actually, I was not privy to what was said over at MetaDeletion, but it must have been something along the lines of that, perhaps with an added, "please pass the pipe, this shit makes me think so clear".

    Not only thinking about myself as an artist, user (one of the guys who has paid the assholeboss' sallery), but also thinking of the employees, the heroes that have built all the fantastic software that is MetaCreations. What a great company gift to give away: "Hey guys guess what your getting for Christmas? Fired! MetaChristmas and a Happless New Year!"

    So, here we have it: the worlds most inovative company, with heavy-duty apps like Bryce, Painter, and just having released Carrara, and have probaly the smartest and most dedicated team of developers in the world has just given itself the axe.
  If you need to cut a company, the only intelligent thing to do is to cut the side-loops, the spin-offs, the things that are not in the companies renumé, and keep the things you are known for. Actually, they even state what their brand name is known for in their own website: "MetaCreations benefits from a high-profile brand identity in the world of computer graphics with popular software products such as Painter, Kai's Power Tools, GOO, Infini-D, Ray Dream Studio, Poser,Bryce and Soap." Right: not known for MetaStream. (
  Well, sadly the CEO of MetaCreations along with its whole board seem to have their heads so far up their asses, that it has stopped the bloodflow to their brains.

    If they really think this MetaStream is gonna wack out all competition (which I can't see happening) and make themselves rich; why not start a new side company, call it MetaStream and see what happens? I mean, so far MetaStream is basicly only to be found on MetaCreations own website, so they have no idea if it actually will be able to win the competition against all other 3d-twirl-on-web thingies. So far, such phenomenon have never lifted, since most people seem to think like I do: it's a waste of bandwidth. I dont bother to leave a website just to get a plug-in for my browser (if they need real time 3d to convince me, the product is most probably just junk, or if they don't bother if I can see it without a custom plug-in, they don't bother to sell it to me). I dont need to see a book in 3d to buy it on the web, nor a camera, clothes, electronics or anything at all! And if Im stupid enough to buy a car online, just cus I can twirl a 3d rendering of it online, well, then Im probably not smart enough to have the money to pay for the car...
  But I guess all such anal-isys got lost in the mindboggeling revelation that they actually had an app that could twirl things in 3d online. Wow! Go figure. :-/

Per Nordin / DreamVoyager
Long time user of KPT and Bryce

MetaCreations CEO posing for the press

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The "Head Up Ass" picture is as far as I can determin, owned by Davidson & Co. I have yet not goten their permission to use it, but have tried to get in touch with them about it.
A few sober reflections:

    What will be MetaCreations/Streams future? Well, whatever the chances are for the MetaStream format to succeed in the competition (of which I am doubtfull), MetaCreations has indirectly killed all their chances by their recent actions. You see, the world isn't blind, the knowledge of their conduct is not issolated to a handfull of users and employees: other companies have seen how MC conducts business: "We will axe anything, at no forwarning or explaination, cut any ties and trash any cooperation if something potentially more lucrative mirages at the horizon." I have quite good stats on this page, and have seen that not only people from MC have visited it, but also other important companies; companies that to some extent today collaborate with MC and others that are potential targets of MetaDeleations greed - sorry - products, I mean.

     Honestly; what company whould want to collaborate with these guys after this? What intelligent company leader whould contract to use a program or format, knowing that the supplier has a history of suddenly abandoning all obligations if their wallets start itching and they think more bucks can be made down some other ally? It's not like MC was on the brink of disaster, and had to panikly change course to save what could be saved. Contrarily, MC was in good health, nice stock quotes and their products where selling nicely. They had a wonderfull reputation for their exellent programs and their fantastic programmers where reknown and spoken of in awe.

     MC has announced that their loss this quarter can be as much as 42mil USD, and adds that most of that loss will be the direct result of the decision to axe themselves (in other words, MC says that the company was doing just fine, before they made this decision). If some costs needed to be trimmed, well, then the best bet would be to fire over-paid and under-intelligent leaders. Instead, they created more costs and fired the guys who actually ARE MetaCreations: the team of great programmers. The only reason MC made this decision is that they HOPE that MeatStream will hit shitload of money since some analytics THINK that the online commerse will upple the next 3 or 4 years and MC IMAGINS that companies desperatly want to show their products in 3d to lure even more to buy their books, cars, cameras, videos, refridgerators and God knows what els and HOPE that they MIGHT be able convice such companies to use MetaStream.
Too bad they didn't settle for what they KNOW: that their company was healthy and well respected and could boast of both a reputation and following that no other company has.

    It took MC over a week before they decided to post a lamely worded open letter to us users, stating that they "expect to" continue to support their former product line and there is thus no need for worry. I wonder how they will continue support when they have fired all those who could perform such support? Or do they with "support" mean that "we can answer general questions"? I'd guess that is what they mean, since without programmers who know the code, there can be no uppdates and no real support, no bug-fixes, no in-depth knowled to answer the tricky questions, etc. To _me_ support means the trust that for a forseeable future there will be development, that the program will continue to grow and expand in pace with _me_ growing and expanding in needs of more refined features. So I don't give much credit to their mentioning support. My support needs are far beyond questions that a non-programmer could answer. My support need is mainly continual growth of my main tools: Bryce And KPT. Iv got the manual to ask the normal questions. I was planing on buying Painter, Poser and Carrara, but what reason is there now? Where will I find uppdates? Development? Even bug-fixes? Sorry, MC, but without your crew of heroic programmers, there can be no real support. And you will have _no_ support from me: You obviously don't want me nor my collegues as customers. As for "divesting" these programs, and saying the you "expect" the products to be further developed _IF_ a graphics company buys them off you, well, that's not really reasuring: you have obviously not made propper plans for the future of your "valued customers" who have invested time and energy in a series of programs we now dont know the future of. Again, MC leadership delivers only "IF", "Might" and "Expect": no real substance as to where they ground their assumptions. To think that they will calm and assure their users, distributers and shareholders by delivering such a lame and unsubstancial letter is insulting to our intelligence. It speaks even further of their total disregard for their obligations. It actually seems as if their code is - as linked to above - "feed them bullshit and keep them in the dark". They aparently are stupid enough to think it works, but as I said: it is insulting to OUR intelligence. And the companies they wish to bleed using MetaStream are not stupid either.

    Back to the letter they posted far too late: that they open it with the words "To our _valued_ customers, shareholders, distributors and followers" (my emphasis) is offending. Well, if _this_ is how they treat their "valued" persons, how do they treat others?

    After their announcement, MC shares fell quite a bit. It is obvious that the shareholders don't feel very valued nor feel much trust in MC's leadership, decision or future chances of survival. We just don't feel valued, none of us. Sorry MC, but you have pretty much burned your bridges. If MC had together with the announcement the 14th dec, (which they interestingly enough have taken down from their pressrelease links on their first page), explained exactly who will buy the products they are axing, what type of support we as users can expect and give a better explaination than the words "we are horney for the big score, the shitload of money the internet MIGHT bring us in the future" that was blinking between the lines of their announcement, well, maybe, just _maybe_ I would have found them creduble. As now, I can just tip my hat and say: "Thanks for some lovely years. Don't expect me to come to your funeral though. What love and trust there once was is utterly gone". I am sure I am not alone with this analysis. MetaCreations/Stream will suredly die a sad and painfull death, drowned in greed and futile hope of a MegaMoneyStream that will never happen, since noone will dare have business with them anymore.

My condlences to us all.

I can be reached at