These links go to fellow artists around the world. I warmly recomend a visit to them. All links will open in a new window to make it more easy to come back to this link page and jump to the other links.

a collection of various photographers.
Naoyuki Iitaka:
Body Paint artist. The photos - which are exelent - seem, rather than "just" photo-art, more like a way to capture his real art: the body. I sincerely hope that Iitaka-san will post more of his pictures.
Btw, if you ever get a chance to se the Butoh troupe "Sankai Juku" then do!!!.
Christina Camphausen:
a series of very beautiful intimate paintings / drawings. Her technique is brilliant, soft, loving, joyfull. I especially love her mixture gender/flower as this is very much how _I_ see the female sex: a divine flower.
Im happy to find a woman who makes such marvelous homage to the beauty of the female.
Facinating site. I dont understand much, but I really enjoy it. He revamps and uppdates his site often, so if you've been there allready, dont hesitate to go back. He does not have erotica on his site, but he does have a most facinating and intruiging site.
David Mendelsohn:
Mr Mendelsohn has a rare width to his style (or styles). Some - like the above pic - have a acute beauty, sensualism and strength to them greatly enhanced by a divine tast in lighting (as well as an admirably active and beautiful model). Other pictures are humorous, others, well, simply art. He hasnt got caught in one style, nor one type of lighting. He truely seems to understand the full width of his media and uses it freely.
I wish I did.
PhotoLink Gallery:
An impressiv creation of a real "Virtual Gallery" hosted by Daniel Leighton. Lovely photos, but Iv not seen all... Iv yet not figured out how to get past the dog. Mr Leighton mailed me, after seeing this link-page and explained that you need to bribe the dog, but Iv still not succeeded. Another visiter told me that the bribe consits of jelly-beans. If his accessable pictures are this fine, I really wish to see the ones the dog is guarding!
Peter Balazsy:
What can I say? Great pics by a great artist. I first found his work when looking through the alt.binary.pitures.nudism news group. (Strangely enough Iv found that to be a place to find some fine artists, if you have the time to wade through all sadly misplaced porno-spam as well as the more correct postings of nudist family camps.)
Very large page = long d/l time, but its worth it!