"View over Dog Rock"
(Bryce 4)
Made this 21 dec 99 as a spinn-off of the cover for Transatlantic's CD release (see further down), and made a few remakes the following nights (as below: changed a few rock, added moon, etc).
After having rendered umpteen versions of the blimp over water (using Bryce 2) for the Transatlantic cover, I needed a diversion, so I let the blimp rust to bits and put it into this strange landscape in B4.
This is not volumetric render and (as usual with my Bryce pics) I have done no postwork on it.
I am yet not totally saticefied with this pic, but thought Id post it anyhow, as I wish to do some advertising for Transatlantic.
If you think the "Dog Rock" pics look a bit jaggy, they where rendered at this size. It will be remade a few more times before I am saticefied, and then rendered at larger size.


the project group formerly known as SMPTe & Second Nature
(Bryce 2 + PhotoShop / KPT5)
Transatlantic is a project concisting of Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) Neal Morse (Spocks Beard)
Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion).
They met, recorded and will after New Year release their first CD.
A wonderfull collaboration between 4 wonderfull composers and musicians.
Powerfull, beautiful. I am happy to have my art on the cover of their CD.
This is not the absolut final version, but fairly close.
Made in B2 and PhotoShop (one of the few Bryce pics Iv done post work on.)
The German company din't want blue/purple. Instead they pointed out 2 pics I did as possible posters, which they liked. So I did a CD version of those pics.
I.o.w. there will be one cover for the US edition, and one for the European.
It will be the first of the below pics on the European cover, but I thought Id post the other one too.
The fonts might undergo further change.

Per Nordin